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    Instal Adobe Portfolio SDK




      I would like to create some portfolios for Acrobat XI, however I don't understand the following:

      'Installing the Portfolio SDK

      Before you can begin developing your Navigator, install the Acrobat Portfolios SDK, install the acroFlashDebug.api plugin into Acrobat, and install the Navigator plug-ins for Flash Builder. The Acrobat Portfolio SDK was developed based on Flash Builder 4.01 and the Flex 4.1 SDK. All instructions in the Acrobat Portfolio SDK are based on Flash Builder 4.01. I am using Flash Builder 4.5 and other than a  few very minor issues, everything works as expected but because the directory structure of Flash Builder 4.5 is slightly different from Flash Builder 4.01, installation is slightly different.'


      A more detailed installation guide would be appreciated. I've already downloaded the sdk zip file. As to the other components I have no idea.  Anyway, I don't know how to instal anything. Shame on me. Much obliged if you can help.


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