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    Selecting tags

    18436572dj Level 1

      Just upgraded from PSE 10 to PSE 11. looks like all my tags converted properly, problem is all photos show all the time. I cannot select one of my tags and just have only those photos show. Does anyone know how to select one tag and see the photos from that tag only?

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          18qwer Level 3
          • In the Keyword Tags panel, click the ">" symbol that displays when you move the pointer over the tag’s name. Elements Organizer searches for media with the selected keyword tag and displays the result in grid. The Advanced Search widget shows the selected tag for this search.
          • To remove a tag from the search, deselect the tag in the Advanced Search bar.
          • To exclude media files with certain keyword tags from the search, right-click/control-click those tags in the Advanced Search bar and choose Exclude.