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    adobe flash player issue


      hello, would u help me with my adobe issue? it happens that the adobe flash player doesn't work correctly on my computer with OS windows 8, i have got the most recen version installed and appears an issue in it, would you tell me what's going on please? edua_gv@hotmail.com thanks

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          The Flash Player version that is compatible with a Windows 8 32-bit OS and a Google Chrome browser is Version You might have a 64-bit OS, which may not work on a 32-bit OS (what a mess). I'm still not sure which version is compatible specifically for Google Chrome Windows 8, 64-bit OS.  With the Internet Explorer browser, you can use Version 11.3.376.12 for Windows 8. Hope that helps some at least.

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            pwillener Level 8

            What browser are you using?


            Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 has Flash Player preinstalled; you don't need to (and cannot) install Flash Player manually.


            What exactly "doesn't work correctly"?

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              Adobe Flash Player is not working on my computer with Chrome either.  I have Windows 8 64 bit & the latest version of Google Chrome.  Flash videos just don't play.  I just get a black screen in the area where the video should play.  Flash videos do work with the IE browser.

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                danny_tx Level 1

                OK, I figured out what was causing the problem on my computer.  I had a Chrome add-on called Ghostery that was blocking cookies to some sites that require cookies in order to play flash videos.  After I unblocked cookies from being set for these sites, the flash videos played in Chrome.