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    After exporting a video, the quality of it was terrible

    Mike1360 Level 1

      I am using Premiere Pro CS6. I made a video with music and audio and everything. I first exported it with no effects on it but then decided i wanted to make the video look better. So, i added contrast, brightness, and sharpness to the video. I rendered the workspace to watch it all over before exporting it. It looked great in that window. So, i hit export, selected MPeg4, told it to render at maximum depth then hit queue. After that was finished i opened the video and the video quality was terrible. It was all pixalated and dull. It opened in Quicktime.


      My computer doesn't have the best processor so that may be some of the problem but it exported in like 10x worse quality than the first time. Anyone know what to do to export it the way it looks in Premiere Pro? I want to put the video on a DvD afterwards. Thanks for your help!