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    Issues with SeverConfig.getChannel

      I'm working on a Flex application that hooks into a .NET server using Fluorine. I'm connecting to my .NET server with a NetConnection class. I have been making the following call: ServerConfig.getChannel("my-amf").endpoint in order to determine the url of server that launched my Flex application. This has been very helpful; especially in a team environment where we may each be debugging the application on our own boxes. Unfortunately the call to ServerConfig.getChannel("my-amf").endpoint is no longer returning the correct information. This happened after we moved our Flex project from SVN to TFS. During the move we each created fresh Flex projects. Previously the call to ServerConfig.getChannel("my-amf").endpoint would return " http://eharris-dsk/MyAppName/Gateway.aspx", but now it returns " http:///MyAppName/Gateway.aspx". I suspect that something isn't configured quite right, but I'm afraid I just don't know where to look. I appreciate any help I can get on this subject. If you have any ideas on what may be causing this I would appreciate the help. Also I suspect that I simply lack the knowledge on how an AMF gateway is configured. If you know of any good training material online I would appreciate some pointers on those as well. Thank you in advance.