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    How can I select multiple people when filtering media using Photoshop Premier Elements Organizer 11?

    CBreeze123 Level 1

      I noticed that in using Photoshop Premier Elements Organizer V10, I was able to select more than a single person when filtering media. For example, I may want to find all of my photos that have me with my cousin, John as well as my friend Norm in them.   With Photoshop Priemier Elements Organizer 11, I can only filter on a single person or filter on a group of individuals.  Using a group does not always match the specific filter that I am looking for.  Was this an oversight in the new version?

      (By the way, this feature is also missing with "Places" as well...  For example, I would like to be able to select Austria, Switzerland, and Germany media when adding an Event for my "Trip to the Alps".  I can only select one country at a time.)


      Any suggestions?  Can we get this feature back?