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    Adding pages to articles which contain alternate layouts


      If I have an article with alternate layouts set up and decide I need to add another page it does not seem to play nicely.


      In the pages palette  I have 2 columns iPad H and iPad V. If I create a new page under iPad H and try to give it an alternate layout I get a dialog saying "Alternate layout name cannot be blank, must be unique, and cannot end with a "*" or a ";" character." It will not let me save as iPad V as there is already a layout there so I save as iPad V2 but when I test on iPad the H page shows up in the layout but the V2 page does not.


      Does this mean I need to create new article to replace the old one, add all my H layouts to it and then create alternate layouts for each of these again?


      Cannot find a good tutorial on the subject.


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