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    ACR issues

    mjones1978 Level 1

      HI all,


      Im currently using PS5 and recently updated to PS6. In both versions i have an issue with ACR.


      More often than not, when processing a raw file, if i apply any noise reduction (ie move the luminance amount slider from 0) the zoom stops functioning preventing me zooming in or out. Some times this is acompanied by the image "stuttering" if i move the image around the screen to look at a different part.


      When i open an image in ACR and convert to tiff in PS the first time i use the program all is well, but if i then go back to ACR and open another image i often find that the ACR screen comes up minus the actual image. The window which should contain the image shows PS underneath.


      Im currently using windows 7. I often get an error message when trying to open a raw file stating "not enough RAM". Is the ram (or lack of) responsible for all of these issues?