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    Camera raw issues - RAM problem?

    mjones1978 Level 1



      Im using Photoshop 6 with when using ACR i find that the ability too zoom in and out in camera raw disappears if i apply any noise reduction (ie: luminance amount above 0). When this happens i also get "stuttering" when moving the image around in the window, with the bottom or top section of the image remainingand being replicated above or below while the middle of the moves.


      Often i process a RAw image and it opens as a TIFF in photoshop and all seems fine, then if go back to ACR and try and process another RAW i find that the ACR page opens minus the image. In other words the ACR page is visible but the window where the image should be shows PS underneath. The only way to clear this is to close PS and reopen the program and the RAW file. I often get an error message when i try converting a RAW file to a developed tiff that says "not enough RAM".


      My PC has 4GB of RAM and in the photoshop preferences (performance) the "ideal range" on my PC is around 900 - 1150MB. Is my PC too dated to run PS & ACR and do you think the issues ive explained are all to do with the limited RAM?



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          RASouthworth Level 3

          Try a couple of things, one at a time:


          1. in Camera Raw preferences up your disk cache to 10gb or so.


          2. You can safely allocate 65-70% of your total ram to Photoshop.


          You should provide more info wrt your system (processor type, video adapter, etc.) for a better opinion as to it's suitability for CS6.


          Richard Southworth

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            mjones1978 Level 1

            Sorry yes my system is as follows:


            OS: WIndows 7 version 6.1.7601 (home premium)  with service pk 1.


            Type: X86 (32 bit)


            Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8300@2.50GHZ, 2499Mhz, 4 core logical processors


            Installed physical ram: 4.00 GB

            Total Physical memory: 3.25 GB

            Avaliable phy. mem: 2.62GB

            total virtual memory: 6.50GB


            NVIDIA GeForce GT120

            Adaptor ram: 1.00GB

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              RASouthworth Level 3

              Have you tried the suggestions?


              Richard Southworth

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                mjones1978 Level 1

                i tried upping the camera raw maximum cache size from the 1.0GB default to the 10GB you sugested and it seemed to make no difference. Iveset the Memory usage to "let photoshop use 1167MB (70%), again no real difference.


                Ive disabled the "use graphics processor" and stopped getting the empty window in camera raw and seem to be always seeing the image im supposed to be looking at rather than the empty window.


                Aplying luminance noise is still problematic: after setting anything other than 0 luminance amount results in either frozen zoom and/or stuttering picture when moving the image around.

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                  RASouthworth Level 3

                  I assume the stuttering occurs when you use the mouse to move the ACR window on your computer screen.  You can set Windows to only move the window outline, regenerates the window once the move ends, less load on the processor and no stuttering during the move.  It does sound like your system is borderline, and perhaps also your video adapter.  About all I can advise is to make sure you have the latest graphics drivers for your system.


                  Richard Southworth

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                    mjones1978 Level 1

                    yes the stuttering occurs only to the actual phot image in camera raw when i use the held down spacebar (hand tool) and mouse to move the image about to look at a differnt part. Ive already tried downloading the latest graphics card driver so ithink my system must just be incapable.


                    Thanks for the excellent advice, i shall now look to upgrade my PC.

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      People with 4GB systems have occasionally been reporting RAM shortages when using Camera Raw in recent history.


                      If you're looking to do production work with Adobe software I suggest you look into using a 64 bit OS and get as much RAM as you can stuff into your system.  I also recommend using ECC RAM if your system can use it, as it doesn't allow RAM errors to go uncorrected/unnoticed.



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                        I have exactly the same issue as the original poster.


                        Does anyone have a solution?


                        I don't see why I should be forced to upgrade my system when every other aspect is fine.

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                          Robert Shomler Level 4

                          I agree with Noel's recommendation.  ACR in ps6 introduces new function that (not surprisingly) requires or works best with more system resources.  I use ps6 and acr on two systems, one an older though capable 32-bit os with 4gb ram.  I've observed some instances of the acr zoom problem on the 32-bit system, and some other memory limitation messages -- none of which occur on my 64-bit system.

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                            I am seeing this problem too. I have a similar specd PC to mjones1978 above : core i7 860, ATI Radeon HD4350, 32bit win 7 pro, 4GB RAM (2.96GB usable). I am opening RAW files from Mini Bridge to Camera Raw and I can get 2 sequential images loaded processed and then imported to PS6 as 16 bit saved and closed with no problem. I come to the 3rd RAW file, and as soon as it opens in Camera Raw, there is no working preview. When this happens, even if I just hit 'Open' to open it in PS6, it wont open. I can change the sliders in Camera Raw or clsoe file but nothing else.

                            The only way I can get around this is to completely close PS6/CR/BR down and re-open again.

                            I suspect that it may be something to do with memory and I have done a system monitor to see what's going on -






                            1.8GB     - I have a few programes open before PS6

                            1.65GB   - PS+mini BR open

                            1.28GB   - PS+MBr+CR open

                            1.07GB   - PS+MBr+16BIT image file open in PS

                            1.07GB   - 16 BIT image file closed but PS and MB open

                            0.74GB   - PS+MBr+CR file open

                            0.98GB   - File Closed

                            0.77GB   - PS+MBr+CR file open { CR preview disappears and file is not openable in PS from CR)


                            Now it would appear that PS6 is hanging onto 1.65GB-0.98GB = 0.67GB of RAM memory that it never coughs up again. which on a 4GB 32 bit system is a sizable chunk.

                            I have tried playing around with giving PS6 more memory in preferences, purging PS6 cache (there is never anything highlighted to purge other than video cache after a file is closed), and also tried giving CR 10GB of cache disk space.

                            None of these options work.

                            For now it just leaves me closing PS6 all the time and then reopening every 2 images which is a bit frustrating.

                            This happens more suddenly with big (42MB) RAW files, but smaller ones (20MB) create the same problem too, but I maybe get a few more files processed before it does..


                            Very frustrating. I don't think PS6+CR is optimised for 32 bit windows system, but I don't see why it wont work given I still see 0.74GB of free RAM at the very least. Maybe its Camera Raw that has the issue rather than PS6?