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    Flex Custom Component

      Hi. I have a component in mind, but it is not available in the default package. The component most closely resembles a tile list because it is a grid of items, but every item can have a variable height. There will be five columns representing the days Monday through Friday and the height of the item will correspond to a duration of time in that day. The position of the item in a day's column represents when during the day it is placed. For example, there may be two items in the first (Monday) column, one 15 pixels high at the (0,0) origin, and another 60 pixels high that rests at the bottom of the column. The latter item lasts twice as long and is the last item of the day. The first item is half as long as the second and is the first item of the day. Basically, this is just a graphical representation of a schedule. The catch is that the items are drag and drop supported. Items should be able to have a customizable border (color and size) and right-click info tool tips. I really need help in achieving this component as I'm learning Flex and I'm not familiar with how to customize components if that is even possible. Will I end up just using multiple Panels that are gridded together in a table?