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    Program Monitor is not working after installing Windows8



      I just installed w8 a weak ago and my Premiere Pro CS5 was working great, after some system updates the Program Monitor stopped working. I have to click on it to see the current frame, but when I hit play, nothing happens (sound works), when i press stop, the frame on which i have stopped appears.
      I tried all the topics here on adobe forums to fix the problem, but nothing worked. So I installed Premiere Pro CS6 trial (deleted all the premiere files from my PC) and the problem still remains. Please, can you help me? I really dont want to spend all weekend reinstaling back to windows7.


      What I tried:
      Launching Premiere like admin
      Reinstalling Premiere
      Trying new versions of Premiere
      Setting up all the devices for it (inputs and outputs)
      Reexporting videos directly to same setting the project has
      Prerendering is also not playing, RAM render also nothing


      Finaly I have to say After Effects (CS5 and CS6 trial) are working all good.


      My notebook is:
      Lenovo e430, i5 2,5GHz, 4GB RAM, Intel 4000 HD/Nvidia 630M working on updated window8 pro (64bit), disc is only 5200RPM


      Tanks a lot for your time and help (and sorry for my bad english)