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    Old PS 5/7 for Windows 8


      Way back in the Windows ME and XP days I had purchased PS 5 and then a PS 7 upgrade. This worked well on the various computers I used but now I have a new Win8 laptop and can't get it to recognize the PS 5 application (and thus cannot install the PS 7 either).


      Is there a way to get my jurassic Photoshop to work on Win8? I can't afford to buy a CS and have become quite familiar with the PS7 so I'd hate to lose that too.



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          Curt Y Level 7

          Download a 30 day free trial of Photoshop Elements.  See if you can do everything you need with that program.  If so you can buy at less then $100.


          PS 7 is so old it is time to move on, or else buy a used computer with XP on it so it will run programs that are antiques. 

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            gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            One trick is that since this was before the days of activation you can even move the PS 5.5 and maybe even the 7.0 program folder to your new HDD and it might run without having to be installed. Just be sure the HDD is less than 1 Terabyte.


            Second trick would be to move the contents of the cdrom to a folder on your HDD and by right-clicking the installer app, choosing compatibility mode and setting it to Windows XP mode or less, it may run.  Try this with the 7 cdrom and keep the 5.5 cdrom in the cdrom tray as the upgrade reference.


            You may end up having to buy Elements, but see what happens.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              From what I've seen most everything that can work on Windows 7 can be made to work on Windows 8.  I have Photoshop 6.0 working on a Windows 8 system, so I know it's possible.  But I have UAC completely disabled, which renders the entire new Metro/Modern UI of Windows 8 even more useless than it already was.  Most folks would probably think not being able to partake in Microsoft's new App Store Experience would be unacceptable.





              There's probably no hope of installing Ps 5.0 on a Windows 8 x64 system, as it emits the following when one tries to run the installer.




              But if I can run 6.0 you can probably get 7.0 working.  What's not working right with Photoshop 7.0?



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                wordsmithy101 Level 1

                Hi Noel,


                Thanks for your comments on the Photoshop issue (appended below). I wasn't clear how to respond in the Adobe Community site so I'm taking the liberty of responding via e-mail.



                The problem with PS7.0 is that all i have is an upgrade, not the full-up version. It requires PS 5.0 to be installed, then I upgrade each time I install with 7.0. I'm very content with 7 by the way. Years ago I tried Elements but it was kind of low-powered for me, at least at the time.


                I like the idea that your PS 6 can work though. I'm not clear what the UAC is, other than having looked up the acronym. Can I turn it off for purposes of installing PS 5 and then turn it back on? Or is there something about it that I completely don't understand?


                Can you clarify anymore?




                Jim Veihdeffer

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                  Curt Y Level 7

                  PS 7 is a full version, the only thing you need to do on installation if an upgrade is type in the s/n of the qualifying product, in this case PS5.

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    Hi Jim,


                    No, you don't have to have 5.0 to installed - the installer just has to see the CD for the older version in the drive.  As it turns out my 6.0 was an upgrade as well and all I had to do was to put my old Photoshop 5.0 CD in the drive and when I ran the 6.0 installer it just saw it and continued successfully.


                    You may not need to disable Microsoft User Account Control, though it's possible you may have to run Photoshop "As Administrator" every time you use if you leave it enabled - I'm not sure.  I'd certainly try leaving it set as is first, before assuming it must be disabled.



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                      Noel, I'd love to know how you got PS 6.0 installed and working in Win 8.  .


                      I've tried installing from the cd, copying to the drive, turning off UAC, running as admin, various compatibility modes.  All that ever happens when I try to run setup is I get the wheelie thing (what used to be the hourglass, whatever it's called now) fopr a few seconds, then nothing.  The event logs don't have anything recorded regarding the install at all, so who knows what's happening.


                      Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


                      Funny, it ran under Win 7 just fine.

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                        IanTH Level 1

                        Doii, nevermind.


                        Just moving the folder from Program Files on the old machine to Program Files (x86) on the new one did it.  Thank you, gener7.


                        Of course, I don't have all the benefits of having the file properly registered, like flie associations for .psd files, but at lieast it's running.



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                          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          I'm sure you can right-click on a PSD file and choose "Open with..." then browse to the PS exe and select it as the default.

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                            IanTH Level 1

                            Thanks gener. Is that new in windows 8? ;-)

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                              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              No, it's new in Windows 98.