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    Premiere Pro still losing renders (of dynamic linked AE projects)

    lasvideo Level 4

      This has been on ongoing problem with PrP since I started using it in CS5 on both the Mac & PC platforms.. Its a shame it hasnt been fixed yet. Its a large source of frustration and embarrassment.


      I created a dynamically linked clip in PrP and after finishing the AE comp I saved  in both AE then PrP it last night. I come in this morning and the render is gone. I go to the preview files folder and there they are.


      I feel confindent this is a software issue. My system has been optizmized by ADK for performance with CS6. This is intermitent but occurs with some regularity.


      Ive made many bug reports in the past with no response so unless I am personally contacted Im not going to waste my time. As a beta tester I got a sense of how issues are dealt with so I have no unrealstic expectations about this one since its been around for a while.