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    Having an upgrade timing and eventual platform swapping problem


      I currently have CS4 Standard Design Creative Suite installed on my laptop only (PC) which I need to upgrade to CS6 before December 31.  However, I will be buying an iMac before next spring on which I need to have the new CS6 upgrade installed (for Mac, obviously). 


      This is causing me a headache because I don't want to pay for an upgrade just now on my PC in order to keep my upgrading priviledge and having to pay again for a new full version when I get my iMac, especially in view of the fact that the standard license technically allows me to install the software on my laptop and my desktop, provided that I don't use them at the same time. 


      I searched the web quite a lot, and came upon the post below in a forum.  Can you tell me whether this is possible or not, because it would be the ideal solution for me!



      "Upgrade to CS6 on your PC and then apply for a platform switch OK from Adobe which can take 2 days or 2 weeks - it all depends and their process changes everytime I try it.


      While waiting for the CS6 for the Mac you can continue to use CS6 on the PC. After you make the switch you can continue to use CS5 on the PC as it is a legal license but you need to agree to stop using CS6 on the PC (and sign a statement to that effect) when you make the switch to the Mac."


      Or, can I simply by the upgrade now, with the swap for Mac option, but wait until I get my new Mac to install it, all the while leaving my old CS4 working on my laptop?


      Thank you for any help you can provide!