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    OAM white background in IE9

    grafxman777 Level 1

      I'm publishing an Edge 1.0 project using the OAM output for use in Dreamweaver CS6. Everything works great except that when viewed in IE9 there is a white background behind the preloader until it loads. Not the case in any other browser, just IE9. I tried setting the wmode to transparent in the object tag, similar to Flash, but that didn't work. I also went into the output HTML file and changed the background style to transparent but that didn't make any difference. Setting the stage to transparent doesn’t fix the problem either. Has anyone found a workaround for this yet? I’m I missing something in my Edge composition setup?


      NOTE: The reason I’m using the OAM deployment rather than the web deployment is I want to corral all the Edge assets into one place so they’re easier to manage. I’m aware that I can probably avoid the Object tag issue (white background) if I used the web deployment method but that just dumps everything into the root, assets and images folders.


      Thanks in advance for any help