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    Problems with complex compositions

    rabid hyena

      Hi there,

      Sorry if this is an obvious one, but i have searched hi and low.

      I am building a scene with a fixed background and lots of 'rotobrushed' vids on top of it.(with masks)

      I bring on a layer and rotobrush it and then when i go back to themain video, i can see my rotobrushed video on top. If i slide the bar along though i see the message on screen 'rotobrush propagating' and this takes forever. I assume it is re rotobrushing the videos.

      Ideally i want to get the rotobrushing and masks done just right and then render that as a simpl file to be used as a layer with the character and the transparent background. I cant quite work out how to do this. Precompose, pre render, render its all very confusing.

      Really grateful to anyone prepared to help me out.