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    Opening Project Load Time is Taking a Long Time to Load. Please Help.


      I am working with PR 6.0. I've been editing fine for a month and a few days ago I noticed my project auto save would take 10 minutes save. I got annoyed and took a few days off. Now I have returned and I am met with opening my project taking hours to load. Not sure why this is happening. I love advice. I am new to PR just switched over from FCP. Please be gentle.


      Bryan B


      p.s. I just updated all things adobe. Maybe that has something to do with it.


      p.s.s I can also open a new project with no problem.


      p.s.s.s I've read a few things about "bloating" perhaps I am bloated. is there a cure?


      p.s.s.s.s My project has a **** ton of assets.