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    Disc Menu


      I was able to create a movie with disck menu. I can see a preview of the movie, but when I download a movie to the library or my PC, disc menu is not shown. How to make Disc Menu visible and work with the movie.


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          Barbara B. Mythic

          Hi, Tanya. It's better to ask video questions in the Premiere Elements forum. I'll move this post for you.

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            the_wine_snob Legend

            Welcome to the forum.


            Menus are available only with DVD's, BD's and then Flash DVD's.


            When one Exports an AV file, there is no Menu.


            Exactly what are you wishing to have, and to have happen?


            Good luck,



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              Tanya-20 Newcomer

              I created the movie (combinations of jpg and AV files), added voice and

              then added Disk Menu. So, when my movie starts, I expected to see the menu

              screen first with a play button. After I push the play button, the movie

              should start playing. It works on the preview,but as soon as I downloaded

              to DVD or upload to my space, the Disk menu is not exists. When I open the

              movie, it prompt me straight to the motion movie and Disc Menu is not



              Also, in the disc menu I was trying to import a nice video with music, but

              by default it only plays 10s and I was not able to change the default time.

              Is it any way to change default time on a Disc Menu to play longer as

              the length of the song.


              thank you



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                Tanya-20 Newcomer


                I will watch these tutorials at home. My version is Premier Element 10.

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                  the_wine_snob Legend



                  So, when my movie starts, I expected to see the menu

                  screen first with a play button. After I push the play button, the movie

                  should start playing. It works on the preview,but as soon as I downloaded

                  to DVD or upload to my space, the Disk menu is not exists.

                  Did you Burn to Disc, or Burn to Folder (for a DVD disc, or a DVD structure on your computer), or did you Export/Share your Project to an AV file?


                  You say "downloaded to DVD," but did you use Burn to Disc, or produce an AV file, that was copied to a disc? There are big differences between a DVD-Video (Burn to Disc), and a DVD-Data, which just has AV files copied to it, and will not have a Menu.


                  I do not understand the "upload to my space," can you elaborate on that.


                  The exact steps that you used, after you added your Menu, will be very important.


                  Good luck,



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                    Tanya-20 Newcomer


                    I did it all. Burned to disc, folder and export/share to my project to AV

                    file. Tonight, at home I would look up exactly how my options are called

                    out and tell you exactly what I did. I don't have this program at work, and

                    It hard to say these options names.


                    Talk to you later



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                      Tanya-20 Newcomer


                      I just look up my version of Premier Element 10. That what I did:


                      1. it call WEB DVD - Build web DVD for viewing online or on PC. It created

                      a link for me and had a full version of my movie with a Disc Menu. But,

                      when I email a link to somebody, they was not able to open it to view. I

                      was able to see it on my comp.


                      2. Online - upload to video sharing websites.

                      I open photoshop.com, log-in (that what I ment about my space) and was able

                      to see my video file (without disc menu). Copy and paste this link and

                      email to somebody. They were able to open this link


                      3. Computer - export files for viewing on computers

                      the video was created, but without Disc Menu


                      the main question is, how to make Disc Menu show, and how to change default

                      time on audio.


                      thank you.



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                        Steve Grisetti Mythic

                        A WebDVD is not a single file. It is a whole web page of files, include F4V, PNG files and HTML.


                        You can't e-mail a WebDVD file. You can view the WebDVD on your computer if the files are all gathered in a seperate folder and you open the Play_webDVD.html file with your web browser. But the entire collection of files must be in this folder so that this file can reference it.


                        You can post the files also to a web site. But, again, all files must be uploaded to the site and they must be the only files in that web site folder.

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                          the_wine_snob Legend



                          This is a question, but your answer might help Tanya.


                          If she were to ZIP (or use another archiving program) all of the files into one, inside a single folder, e-mail that ZIP, and let the recipient UnZIP (Extract in most such archiving programs), including that folder w/ all of the files inside, could the recipient not then run the contents in their browser to see the Web DVD?


                          If the ZIPPED file is too large (many e-mail clients and POP accounts limit the attachment file size), then a service, like YouSendIt, could host the file, and send an e-mail w/ the link to their hosting computer, for download. I use it for large AV files.


                          Obviously, this is something that I have not done, and all of my reading on the Web DVD's, has been the more traditional use, where those files are all hosted, and then linked to a Web page.


                          Just thinking, and maybe in the wrong direction here.


                          Thank you for your input.



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                            Tanya-20 Newcomer



                            thank you for a quick reply. All I need is to share my video with friends

                            and ability to burn the disc with full version of my movie (including disc

                            menu). As I mention before, I created the video file with Disk Menu, so the

                            movie don't jump immediately to the motion view, but play menu before you

                            push "play button". I want people just click on link and watch this video.

                            That what was the reason I bought this Premier Element 10  & Photoshop

                            version. What are the options to do it.


                            thank you



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                              Steve Grisetti Mythic

                              Tanya, you still haven't told us what you're burning to a disc and how you're doing it.


                              If you added menus and menu markers to your movie, you should be able to burn DVD with menus to a disc using Publish & Share/To Disc.


                              Did you do this?

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                                Tanya-20 Newcomer


                                I create a movie with a combination of JPG files and AVI, added music and

                                voice and then added a Disc menu. I can see a movie preview. It has

                                everything I added, but when I burned this movie to my PC, disc menu is not


                                To burn it, i used an option on Premier Element 10 called "Disc"

                                with description Burn DVD, Blue-ray,and AVCHD Disc.


                                Also when i used option "Online" - upload to video sharing websites,  disc

                                menu is not there also.


                                I also tried to use option WEB DVD- build DVD for viewing online or on PC.

                                Nobody but me can see this video for some reason,  but it was loaded with

                                disc menu and everything I designed in the movie.


                                I think, I described what I did in details, and hope to to hear an advise

                                from you, how to burn the movie to view online and on the DVD in full

                                designed version.




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                                  Steve Grisetti Mythic

                                  If you use Publish & Share/To Disc and select DVD with the option to Burn to a Folder, does this create a VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive?


                                  Or, if you direct your WebDVD files to be saved to your hard drive, does it create a folder and store files in it?


                                  Can you post a link (or send it by private message) to the site you loaded your WebDVD files to?

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                                    Tanya-20 Newcomer



                                    It did not created the folder. It created F4V file (used option "export

                                    files for viewing on PC"). The file is too big to send by mail. This file

                                    does not have disc menu or scene menu I created.


                                    When I used the option called "web DVD"-build web DVD for viewing online or

                                    on PC, it created a link on the web, but nobody but me can watch it.


                                    I also open my personal URL on http://ambrug20.photoshop.com/ and was able

                                    to copy a link of the movie (it probably created itself). Here it is (its

                                    in russian, but you can see how the movie was done. Disc menu is not shown

                                    and if you look form different PC, the movie is very shaky)

                                    http://www.photoshop.com/users/ambrug20/albums/70ccabfeea084e86b5b1e74c33806ced/view#f3c03 1a9219347b586d11102bf9f265b



                                    I did work before with NERO and it did created a folder VIDEO_TS. What am I

                                    doing wrong here on ADOBE PREMIER 10?

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                                      the_wine_snob Legend

                                      From Publish & Share, choose To Disc, and then choose Burn to Folder, setting the destination on your computer.


                                      That should yield a folder, in your destination of choice named VIDEO_TS. Inside that folder will be the IFO, BUP and VOB files.


                                      You can test that folder with a DVD software player, like MediaPlayer Classic HC (free), or CyberLink PowerDVD. Some versions of Windows Media Player can also play a DVD, but you might have issues with it. I just use other DVD software players, and never have an issue.


                                      Good luck,



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                                        Tanya-20 Newcomer


                                        I just did what you advised. It did created the folder, but movie does not

                                        have disc menu! It just start playing as soon as I click on the link. How

                                        to fix it?

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                                          the_wine_snob Legend

                                          Did you use a software player to play from that VIDEO_TS folder?


                                          Still no Menu?


                                          Then it would probably be a good thing to post a screen-cap of your Timeline, with the Menu Set, and the Markers showing.


                                          Good luck,



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                                            Tanya-20 Newcomer

                                            Yes, I did use software player, no menu. How to post a screen cap

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                                              Steve Grisetti Mythic

                                              Tanya, open the VIDEO_TS folder with Windows Explorer and tell us what files are in there.

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                                                the_wine_snob Legend

                                                If there is no Menu in the VIDEO_TS folder's files, when using a DVD software player, it would seem that your Project has been changed to Auto Play, and that is why I asked for the screen-cap. John T. has furnished a link that should step you through the process of producing one, and then attaching it to a Reply here, via the little "camera" icon. That might tell the tale.


                                                I also agree with Steve, that knowing exactly what is inside the VIDEO_TS folder could be important.


                                                Good luck,



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                                                  Tanya-20 Newcomer

                                                  Please, see attached JPG file as screen shot.

                                                  As you can see there, i have disc menu and it play song till I push the

                                                  play button. Then my movie starts. When I burn the movie to the folder or

                                                  web, disc menu is not there.

                                                  When used option "Disc"- burn DVD,Blue-ray or HVCHD discs, i burned it to a

                                                  new created folder. It created folder with long number and under  that, it

                                                  created two more folders: OpenDVD and VIDEO_TS


                                                  Under OpenDVD folder have few more folders:

                                                  image: Inline image 1



                                                  under VIDEO_TS folder have:*


                                                  image: Inline image 4


                                                  i know that I didn't change project to auto play, but if I did by accident,

                                                  how to change it back.



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                                                    the_wine_snob Legend



                                                    The links that I followed just came back to this thread, and I did not see anything to a JPEG. Take a look at this article on attaching screen-caps, as I think something went wrong: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3973293#3973293


                                                    That VIDEO_TS folder is what you want for a DVD-Video. Is that the folder, that when loaded into your DVD software player, that did not play with the Menu? Which DVD software player are you using?


                                                    Good luck,



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                                                      Tanya-20 Newcomer



                                                      I did not add anything to JPEG. All I needed to show that my DISC MENU was

                                                      create and look fine and plays in previews. I could play this movie

                                                      in Windows Live Movie Maker or KMPlayer ( or probably in any Player) . Just

                                                      DISC MENU is not show there.


                                                      Also I want to share this movie on internet, but the movie recorded without

                                                      DISC MENU.


                                                      Any suggestions how to fix the problem?

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                                                        the_wine_snob Legend



                                                        Since the Menu did not attach, that is the reason that we have asked for the screen-cap of the Timeline, to see what you have, and especially your Markers.


                                                        There are several types of Markers. Did you place a blue Menu Marker at the beginning of your Timeline?


                                                        Do you have a red Stop Marker at the end of the Timeline?


                                                        Those are the questions that we hope to answer.


                                                        Good luck,



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                                                          Tanya-20 Newcomer

                                                          I just created blue marker at the beginning of timeline and red at the end.

                                                          Burn the movie and still don't have Disc Menu.


                                                          As I understand from website, that screen-cap is just a picture with call

                                                          out notes.

                                                          Marker created at each scene with first is blue and last is red. I am new

                                                          to Photoshop and don't really figure out what should I type in these

                                                          call-out. Can you see from the picture I attached previously all my markers?

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                                                            Steve Grisetti Mythic

                                                            You have posted no pictures for us to see, Tanya. But I'm not sure we can help you if you're not able to answer our most basic questions. Sorry.

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                                                              the_wine_snob Legend



                                                              Like Steve, I could not see any image attached. Look over this article: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2643538#2643538 for how to attach an image. You do not need to add any annotations, as we will be able to see your Timeline, and determine what has been done, and what needs to be done.


                                                              Thank you, and good luck,