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    html5 music clip player?

    r_tist Level 1



      My current site has small SWF mini players for all music sample clips. Works great.

      With Flash / Flash Player on its way out the door (because, none of these mini clips appear on Apple mobile devices), what would be the new method in which to present these music / audio clips?

      Is HTML5 the solution? How so?


      My objective is the have each music clip 'embedded' on the page, and not take the end-user to an external player. Would like each clip to simply auto-preload or stream while playing with little buffer time - play and stop as the functions.


      What is your recommendation to accomplish this? I'm going to have to do some major revisions.


      Thank you!

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          jgrummel Adobe Employee

          What you're looking for is called an HTML5 Audio tag.


          Here is what the code for that tag looks like:

          <audio controls>

            <source src="music.wav" type="audio/ogg">

            <source src="music.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">

            <source src="music.ogg" type="audio/mpeg">



          Also, please review the w3Schools page for this player and brower support.


          Hope this helps!