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    Reinstalled CS3 won't work


      I own Photoshop CS3.  My computer hard drive crashed so I am reinstalling everything.


      I originally downloaded CS3 from Adobe and I have the product Key.  I have a backup of the original Adobe files that I downloaded in 2010, on a CD.  I put a copy of the files on my new C: drive and then installed the software.  It installed fine, but when I open up CS3 it freezes, it shows the CS3 menus but I can't do anything else.


      Is it because I didn't deactivate my old CS3?  (I can't deactive because the hard drive is toast)


      Any help?


      thanks Ian

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          the_wine_snob Community Member

          If the issue IS Activation, a call to Adobe Customer Support will get that cleared up.


          Good luck,



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            Curt Y Community Member

            Congratulations on being one of the smart ones to make a CD of your original download.  I would try resetting preferences first to see it that helps.


            Start PS and immediately hold down shift alt ctrl keys.  If fast enough you will get a reset window.


            Also, update your GPU drivers from the manufacturer.  Same with printer and scanner.   They can be cause of problems.

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              Curt Y Community Member

              If you have any thoughts of upgrading you have until the end of this December to get upgrade prices.  After that you will have to pay full price.  CS3 Bridge was a buggy version and so worth the upgrade.  Beware however you really need 64bit and 8 gig of ram to reap all the benefits of CS6.