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    Why/When to check Browser Dither?

    Kar209 Level 1

      Hello:                                                                                                                 Level: Newbie'ish  OS: Win7 64bit  Illy: Cs6



      So, I just now noticed a little box, that can be checked when saving a file/document for the web, located at the bottom of the dialog box and I am wondering if I should be checking it.


      I looked up Browser Dither in the manual but thus far I haven't found any great info. I did find an article but it was about Device Central which has been discontinued. As I understand it has more to do with Adobe concentrating on html tools.


      Yet, I really don't know any more about Device Central other than it helped people to see what their images would look like (color wise) on various browsers and on various mobile devices. They have replaced Device Central with Adobe Shadow Labs which I'll look into more later.


      Since I am learning to make icons and other such images meant for the web do you think (or know) rather I should be checking that little box every single time I save an image?


      Does Browser Dither, in your opinion and/or experience make a huge difference with color quality or continuity across various browsers?


      Well, I suppose that's all I can think of to ask for now. I'm off to go search for more info regarding this matter but for the interim I was hoping someone here could share their thoughts and knowledge with me.


      Hope all is well with you. Thanks in advance for your time. : )


      PS. seems like everything I find in the FAQ or already asked questions under Discussions that is realative to Dithering and/or Browser Dithering comes back as File Not Found 404 error  or that file has not been found on this server. Very frustrating. Is it because Dithering is not the problem it once was?