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    marking audio beat ?


      I would like to place a LOT of markers in a project so I can add video & still photos to the beat of a song.

      I tried doing this by placing markers while viewing the waveform in the Source Monitor. And that stops the playback every time. Pretty much useless. That should at least be a setting we can choose.


      I also placed a LOT of markers with comments in the timeline itself. But first I slowed down the playback to about 65% so I could put the markers where I wanted without a lot of scrubbing back and forth. But when I restored the speed back to 100% the markers were very skewed and way out of position. Thus rendering the entire effort almost totally useless.


      Comeon Adobe - you GOT to be able to make these sort of things work or customers will have no need to purchase your expensive software. I thought CS6 was supposed to be the creme de le creme, but honestly if I had purchased the $49/month Cloud subscription I would have by now switched to one of the newer Sony Vegas + Hitfilm packages. And to be honest, I am now seriously considering selling this CS6 Production Premium at a loss so I can use the money to switch to the Vegas Pro 12/Hitfilm Suite. I bought CS6 because of the wealth of tools we get - primarily Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Prelude and Audition. Prelude is laughably limited in scope & user friendliness. And Premiere Pro is beginning to look that way too. If you can provide some workable solutions to this and similar problems then it might be worth keeping.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Playback should not stop when you place a marker.  It doesn't for me using either the Add Marker button in the Source Monitor or the M shortcut on the keyboard.  This applies to both Source and Program Monitors as well as the sequence.


          Sequence markers will not move as the clips are adjusted, so slowing the footage down first was not the right tactic here.

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            yaldahammer Level 1

            Thanks for the response! For me, using Premiere Pro CS6 on Windows 7, it stops the playback every time! I just opened a new project, pulled in the video, unlinked it from the audio, and dragged the audio into the Source Monitor. I start playing it and click the marker button, or just hit the M key, and it stops it every time.


            On the other hand, I found that SHIFT + J will slow down the playback and SHIFT + L will speed it up, and seems to let me do what I want to do. But what the heck does SHIFT + J/L translate to? I mean, what menu command? (I found that helpful hint here: http://www.larryjordan.biz/premiere-cs6-interface-secrets/ )

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              shooternz Level 6

              Assumeably you  are wishng to mark the beats in the audio track ...prior to dropping shots onto the marks.


              Put your audio track in the timeline and then mark the beats there..


              No point in doing that in the source monitor.

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                yaldahammer Level 1

                Correct. That is exactly what I want to do. And I was doing it in the timeline, before. But I did not know any other way to slow down the audio to allow me to place the markers accurately except to use the menu Speed/Duration command, which caused the skewing mentioned earlier. It seems what I wanted to do was vary the shuttle speed. Wow - it has taken me the entire weekend to find this! Thanks for your and others' help!

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  Personally..I would mark the beats at normal speed. Its an eye ear thing.


                  But in saying that..I would mark them and  make an adjustment to the mark or hte edit ..also based on "eye ear".


                  I would never expect to nail a beat first hit and the video  / audio edit may even work a shade better with a fraction either side of the actual beat.


                  eye / ear co ordination is not necessarily a precise thing.

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                    Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

                    I agree with shooternz.  You can get a good rhythm going in real time. 


                    Also, I tend to blade the track rather than just mark the beats.  That way I can finesse the cuts as needed and then automatically drop b-roll or change camera angles or whatever without having to re-mark the I/O


                    Here's a link to a discussion about "Shift + /" to mark clips  (ironically started by shooternz!)



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      In the Timeline Panel, does the * key (Numeric Keypad) not work in CS 6?


                      I find that handy for "tapping" out the location of the Markers on the Timeline. Once done, one can tweak their positions, if necessary. With close listening and tapping, I usually hit my position almost perfectly, especially if there are strong "beats."



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                        Jeff Bellune Level 5

                        In CS6 the shortcuts have all been changed. M adds a sequence marker in the the timeline.


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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          I did not know any other way to slow down the audio to allow me to place the markers accurately


                          You don't do 'accurate' in real time.  You do 'approximate' with it playing in real time, then you go back and tweak it precisely.


                          But it still shouldn't be stopping when you place a marker. CS6 was specifically designed not to.  If yours is, something is wrong.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            Thank you for that update.





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                              yaldahammer Level 1

                              What OS are you running CS6 on? I am using Windows 7 Home Premium. Perhaps that is the issue regarding the stopping when I hit M or the marker button. In the timeline it is not an issue, for me. Now that I know how to slow it down a bit during playback real-time marking is no problem for me.


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                                Jim_Simon Level 8

                                The OS shouldn't be relevant.  CS6 is designed to not stop playback.

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                                  yaldahammer Level 1

                                  Jim, I agree that it shouldn't be, but it can be. I know this because I am a software developer with 25+ years of experience. Quirks can be introduced with each new release of software, no matter how well designed. Sometimes instruction sets & functions are stubbed out for backwards compatibility, etc., - things that 99.99% of the time should not and will not matter, yet there is the .01% remaining where it does matter. By asking you this question I am trying to determine why it does this for me and not for you. It could be operator error (on my part), or a lack of clarity between what I think I have said vs. what you interpreted, or it could be a quirk in Windows 7 Home Premium that is not there in Windows 7 Pro. So, if you are using a Mac OS, or even a different Windows OS, then it indeed can be the reason it stops for me and not for you, even though it is designed not to do so. Design dictates the intent of the software, not how it actually functions.


                                  Also, I forgot to mention that I am using the 64 bit version. Differences between 32 and 64 bit OS and application software can sometimes be major!

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                                    shooternz Level 6

                                    I checked yesterday for you because I was unsure what setting a Marker did to playback in the Source Monitor.


                                    ...the playback continues just as it does in Program Monitor and Timeline..


                                    CS6.xx. Win 7 64bit

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                                      yaldahammer Level 1

                                      Hey Thanks for checking that out!

                                      That caused me to go back and look more carefully. What I discovered is that if a video clip with/without audio is playing in Source Monitor, then setting markers does not cause playback to stop. BUT when I unlink the video track from the audio track & drag only the audio track into Source Monitor, then it does stop playback when I use keyboard or mouse to set a marker. Every time. I am not an audio/video pro at all, so I wonder if this is a bug or if there is some distinctive value to this behaviour for audio only tracks?


                                      I'd also be curious to see if anyone else can duplicate this behaviour using only an audio track in the Source Monitor.

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                                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                                        when I unlink the video track from the audio track & drag only the audio track into Source Monitor


                                        Why on earth would you do it like that?  (It does stop for me, too.  But that's just such an odd way to work...)


                                        Proper audio files do not stop.

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                                          yaldahammer Level 1

                                          LOL! It seems that if there is an odd way to do something it seeks me out. Sometimes it is a gift, other times its a curse.

                                          But, anyway, many thanks for looking into that. Your insistence that it did not work that way forced me to step back from the problem & take a more global look at what I was doing. That's a good thing!


                                          The story behind why I did that is simple: I am taking an old music video, and replacing the video part. So I separated the video from audio, and just wanted to mark certain places on the audio according to beat and some words.


                                          I am a programmer by profession, so I probably have a different way of approaching most of this stuff than a properly trained audio/video professional. Currently I am only doing this as a hobby.

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                                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                                            That makes sense.  But had you gone from Bin to Source Monitor, added markers there, then add the clip to the sequence, then remove the video, all would have been well.


                                            And that's a pretty typical flow, the clip goes from Bin to Source Monitor to Sequence.

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                                              Mathias Moehl Adobe Community Professional

                                              Just for reference, in case anybody is searching for this topic:

                                              My company mamoworld just released BeatEdit for Premiere Pro which generates those markers in sync with the beat 100% automatically.



                                              It also has many intuitive options to generate markers only at certain (randomly or regularly chosen) markers. You can even generate markers at other rhythmically relevant points, to get the desired variation and pace.


                                              Here is a tutorial to get you started: