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    xml images failed to load


      xml images failed to load starting from last week. (it used to work properly before)

      Examples of pages with this problem :






      My flash player is updated with 11.5beta

      and OS.10.7.4 for mac


      I wonder what I could do to fix this problem?



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          kglad ACP/MVP

          i don't see a problem.

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            wincy57 Community Member

            Yes, so that is the problem..


            I did not write those sites but just use browsers to view those xml sites. I could view them properly before, but now all images failed to load...

            So I wonder what bug would have cause the problem for this style of xml..

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              kglad ACP/MVP

              try a non-beta flash player.

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                I can confirm, I can't see the pics on those two sites either.


                Having the same problem when viewing my own website too: http://www.3dv.nl

                On the left of the navigation bar big images should be loaded with the use of xml. Website itself hasn't changed and was working fine.


                Tried on Win7 x64, with Chrome 23.0.1271.95m and FireFox 17.0 with Shockwave Flash 11.5 r502 (no beta).


                What changed in the Flash plugin/player that it fails to load xml images now? How to fix this?



                Edit: with Internet Explorer 9 I could test the website with Shockwave Flash 11.4.402.287 and seems to work fine.

                So it's very likely that the recent Flash update makes loading/preloading these images fail.

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                  kglad ACP/MVP

                  i don't see a problem with win7 x64, ff 17.0, fp 11,4,402,278.

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                    3dvruud Community Member

                    Correct, the problem only seems to exist with Flash plugin 11.5.


                    Everyone with an updated Flash plugin now can't see images on my business website!

                    I run a 3d visualization business, without images on my website i'm losing the interest of new clients, that's a major problem!


                    Adobe: please fix this as soon as possible and meanwhile provide a quick way to work around this problem

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                      3dvruud Community Member

                      It seems that the problem is onLoadComplete not being triggered: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3363562


                      I've installed the beta version of Flash plugin 11.5.502.131 and with that it works fine again, so it's fixed, but we have to sit and wait now until Adobe releases the next public update, meanwhile losing clients and visitors to our websites...

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                        kglad ACP/MVP

                        try using a progressevent and see if that works with 11.5

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                          Hi I am having the same problem, my site is www.chiquicuts.com at the bottom of the site, I have 3 boxes, each read and XML file.  I know they are partialy working, the boxes display a title asociated with the pictures, and some include links

                          the titles show up, and the links are working but no images displayed, so the xml is been loaded, but.... the images are not, I beleave is probably a bug, as the site work fine until recently, About 4 or 5 weeks.


                          I would like to try the your test "dvruud" how can I download the Flash plugin 11.5.502.131 ?

                          Thank you

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                            3dvruud Community Member

                            Hi 3dAmultimedia,


                            You can download the latest Flash Player beta here: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer.html


                            After installing that latest version you'll probably see that the issues you have are fixed, but the majority of the visitors to your website won't have that beta installed, and will have to wait until Adobe publishes a new public update... ie: bad for business.

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                              3dAmultimedia Community Member

                              Yes is the player, I just installed the explorer version and works again, I guess I have to wait until 11.6 is released, wow... hopefully is soon

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                                3dAmultimedia Community Member

                                Thank you 3dvruud, I really appreciate, you are right is the player, and who knows when would be released!, as you say is bad for business,

                                I been checking and checking my code, wondering  maybe a problem with the hosting, maybe file corrupt, or images  problems, just to find out the problem was the player. well at list is not the code


                                I checked online but there is no mention of a time frame that I can find, have you hear anything in regards when the 11.6 will be out?


                                Thank you again


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                                  3dvruud Community Member

                                  You're welcome 3dAmultimedia, and no, I haven't found a date for the next public update, but looking at previous release dates, it seems the next one might be close. But every single day is one too many for me at the moment.


                                  kglad: I'm not a very skilled Actionscript coder, could you give an example of how to use the progressevent instead of the onLoadComplete?


                                  Currently i'm using code like this:


                                       var loadListenerThumbs:Object = new Object();

                                       loadListenerThumbs.onLoadComplete = function(mcTarget) {

                                            // Stuff happens here



                                  Then that listener is added to the thumbnail MovieClipLoader loader with addlistener.

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                                    kglad ACP/MVP

                                    i don't think it's needed now.  an updated fp version has been released.


                                    but you would have used:





                                         var loadListenerThumbs:Object = new Object();

                                         loadListenerThumbs.onLoadProgress = function(mcTarget:MovieClip,bl:Number,bt:Number) {






                                    function completeF():Void{

                                    // Same stuff happens here that was in you onLoadComplete