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    LR4 auto adjusting and messing up my RAW files since latest update? How do I turn this off?




      This latest LR4 update has somehow turned my RAW files into these wretched looking too bright, too yellow/orange, messes.  I DO NOT have it set to auto import with any presets. I am not able to "reset" back to the usual dull, blah, flat looking RAW files I used to see in my LR4. 


      I also know for a fact that this is NOT how I took the images so the setting it's being imported with are not how I took the images.  I know this because I've been shooting RAW-Jpeg since I noticed this and couldn't find where to turn this setting off, and my JPEGS look NOTHING like what this is importing them as. 


      It's importing them all, regardless of session as I've imported 10 different sessions lately, and ALL of them somehow change over from the dull images RAW files typically look like when I click on them to enlarge them to have Temp 5500, Tint, -11, Exp +70, Contrast +5, highlights -9, Shadows +9, Whites -98,  Blacks -2, Clarity +19, Vib +10, Sat +19, and Orange +6 with Sharpening 81 and Noise Reduc at 4.


      What's going on??? How do I reset them back to the original RAW settings and stop LR from importing every.single.session with the settings above? I have no Presets with these settings either!