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    How to display graph in excel after an export ?

    adamaas Level 1



      Please forgive me if am not in the right discussion.


      I have a problem with an export of graph to excel, can anybody help me please ?


      Actually when I export my request to a page, it displays well with the graph and when I put my header excel back, it does the export but the graphs are nowhere to be seen.


      Here is a sample of the code I've used:



      <cfheader name="content-disposition" value="attachment; filename=ExportGraph_#DateFormat(now(), 'yyyy-mm-dd')#.xls" charset="UTF-8">
      <cfcontent type="application/vnd.ms-excel">
                                    <!-- Affichage des graphes (2 graphes par ligne) -->
                                    <cfset i = 0>
                                    <table cellspacing="10px">
                            <cfloop query="GraphesList">
                                                        <cfif (i mod 2) EQ 0><tr></cfif>
                                                                  <td><cf_graphe_v2 graph_id="#Id#"  range="#url.range#" name="#Name#"></td>
                                                        <cfif (i mod 2) EQ 1></tr></cfif>
                                                        <cfset i = i+1>


      Can anybody help please ?


      Thanks in advance.