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    Cannot Save TIFF from ACR

    PAE607 Level 1

      This is my first post on this forum.  Please forgive me if I have completly misunderstood something.


      I am using PSE7 with ACR 5.6 on Windows 7 (soon to be updated to PSE 11/7.2).  I have only been using RAW files for a short while so I am far from familiar with ACR but I am fairly sure that when I first installed it the "Save Image" dialog box offered me several file formats, in a drop down box, to save the image as.  I remember tif, jpg, psd and dng at least.  Now I am only offered dng (in both all uppercase and all lowercase).  Am I remembering wrongly or have I changed something somewhere that is doing this?  I can find no way to save the image other than as a dng.  If it matters ACR is set to 8bits/channel and I am trying to convert NEF files opened by right clicking in the Organiser and selecting full edit where upon ACR opens.


      I have tried re-downloading and replacing the Camera Raw.8bi file to no effect.  I suspect it is me doing something wrong rather than anything being "broken".


      Many thanks in anticipation.


      I originally posted this to the PSE forum but I should have posted it here.  Sorry for the confusion.