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    Captivate 6 How to validate user input without using keyboard shortcuts


      I've been using Adobe Captivate 6 for about 4 months now.  Completely new to the program.  The number one function of Captivate for me will to create many software simulations for verifiable training.  This means that I will be utilizing the training and assessment modes A LOT.  I have run into many hurdles throughout the process, but one of my biggies right now is this:


      In the training and assessment modes, I have times where the user must input data such as an address or number.  In the actual software they will be utilizing it is not always required to use TAB or ENTER in order to move to the next field.  In some instances, it will be necessary to actually click into a field after entering data.  My problem is that it seems as if Captivate will not allow this,  as a keyboard shortcut is automatically entered even if a TAB or ENTER is not required after input.  I assume this is so that the inputted information can be verified.  If you decide you do not want to use a keyboard shortcut to validate the inputted information, you must have a submit button.  Is there any way to change this??  All I want is for the user to enter information and then click into another field WITHOUT having to press ENTER, TAB, or hit a submit button.  Is this even possible if you need user input to be validated??  Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated!!