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    Output to MS Word




      I have recently been working on a project of documentation in Adobe Captivate 6. Now I want to publish it, as video and as a handout.

      To publish it as a video does not bring up problems.


      But: How about that output function for MS Excel? The only thing I can get, is a list with slides and comments, simply inserted in the centre of the file, one after the other. Is this the best output you have in this tool? I would be quite dissappointed if so.


      What I wanted my handout to look like is something seeming more like professional work. Like this it looks like a child having played with my computer. I thought about sorting it manually, but this would take a lot of time and patience.


      So is there a possibility to change the layout in Adobe Captivate?


      Kind regards

      Zechner Nicole