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    Need starting tips/howto to upload an image from a hardcoded path and show it on the page.


      Hello everyone,


      it would be great if you have some tips and maybe a small howto. What I want to

      achieve is the following scenario. I want to extend the image component, from the

      foundation, in that way, that I could upload an image to my page, from a fixed/

      hardcoded path, furthermore I want to get rid off the drag&drop part.






      What I want to try is to use the pathfield. In the case I want to use that component,

      do I have to put it in an, e.g. javascript file, external file and include that file in my

      jsp file?


      I would really appreciate any help from you.


      At the moment I become stuck.


      Thanks for your help in advance


      Best regards,