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    EAN13 code from numbers in table

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      i am wondering, if there is a plugin or font, with which I can change numbers to EAN13.


      To explain my situation:


      Usually I create our cataloug and extra pricelist in a non Adobe program, that exports a mif for Frame Maker. But this program as well as Frame maker (with these particular mif files) is all but easy and efficiant.
      This year, we won't be making a new cataloug, but only a price list. So my hope was, to be able to work in InDesign instead of having to import, export, reimport, mif and tna pdf the list.


      Its about 500 products and i get the text and the numbers delivered in an excel sheet. The numbers have to be turned to a scannable ean13 code within a table.

      Looks a bit like that:



      Product numberDescriptionEAN13Price
      1234Some description of the product 871121638689€ 0,00 ,-



      And i got to get in InDesign


      Product numberDescriptionEAN13Price
      1234Some description of the productScreen Shot 2012-11-26 at 16.26.12.jpg€ 0,00 ,-


      Is there a plugin with wich I can define te column / text to change to EAN13.


      I also have a EAN13 eps creator with wich I could make all the ean codes, but than I am at a los ow i get the right code behind the right product in a quick and efficient way.


      Does anyone have a suggestion on how to solfe this without manual copy pasting 500 ean code eps into a table?!


      Thnak you in advanced.