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    Uh-oh, I moved some assets


      My bad.

      I linked some assets, .pngs, that were originally outside an Images folder, and have now put them into said folder, which predictably freaks out Edge Animate. I thought, like HTML/CSS, there'd be a place in some generated file to edit the paths. I can't find any. Is it done this way? Or does the app do it for me? If so, how?

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hey Rick, image asset paths are set up in this file:




          There's an "im" variable at the top of that file that dictates the default directory for images.


          If you want the images back in the "images" directory, I would first remove any problems that arose by moving those assets. Make sure Edge is closed, then open the above "xxx_edge.js" file, and remove all references to the corrupt images/image paths- be careful here, ask if you're not sure what to delete. Then put your images in the "images" directory. Then open Edge, and re-add the images from the library panel to the Stage.


          Be sure to make a backup before doing the above.

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            Rick_Wolff Level 1

            Thanks for responding, Tim.

            I don't have a file named xxx_edge.js. I've never seen anything like it, since I started the project.

            Neither have I seen a file with the name even if "x" stands for a digit; i.e., 123_edge.js (I don't know if that's what you meant.)

            Is that surprising? I'm on a Mac. Could it be a hidden file?

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              TimJaramillo Level 4

              Hey Rick, sorry for not being more clear. "xxx" is a placeholder for your file name. Edge prepends this file name to all the support files that it auto creates.


              For example, in the attached screenshot, my file name is "test", so I'd be looking at this file: "test_edge.js" to change the image paths.


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                Rick_Wolff Level 1

                That turned out not to be the solution I was seeking, because there was only one designated images folder in that .js file.

                I did find what I needed to do, tackling the problem with fresh eyes. (And people seeing this thread should try this first.)

                Having moved the location of the asset, but still seeing in the work area a rectangle representing the placement of it (which I should have mentioned in the first place), I see an area in the Properties panel, on the left, for Image. The first control has the wrong path to the image, and a button to rewrite it.

                So that's what did the trick! Thanks anyway.