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    Progressive HTTP Streaming Seek Problem

    Thomas Friedl

      I'm using OSMF 2.0 with the PseudoStreaming Plugin (https://github.com/mexxik/osmf-pseudostreaming). Our videos are hosted on a CDN (edgecast) so I'm using the ?ec_seek={time} in the video URL when seeking. This actually works - there are just two problems.


      First: while seeking I get a TimeEvent.DURATION_CHANGE from my mediaplayer and my total length/duration of the video constantly changes. I'm now setting the duration in my timeline only after the first duration_change event which works as a workaround.


      Second: this is my main problem. When I seek back - meaning seeking in the past to a part I already watched the video which was already downloaded get's downloaded again. I can see this in httpfox (Firefox extension). What's the point of progressive download if I have to download all again when I seek back? Is this a known problem or is there a workaround?