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    Descending order for windows in cascade?

    Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

      I have 200 documents that I need to open in groups of 20.


      I would like them to open so that the first window available is the first one alphabetically. Then, when I close that window, the next one open is the next one alphabetically.


      But InDesign opens them with the last-one alphabetically first.


      I suspect that ID is opening them by last modified and working backwards in time.


      Anyone know a way to force the windows to cascade alphabetically?

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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sandee, I'm not sure this will be helpful, as I don't know what platform you're on, but my little experiment in CS6 on Windows XP indicates that the file last clicked in the Open dialog will be the first available when the range opens in InDesign. See my results:


          7 files names A.indd through G.indd


          File > Open > Click A / Shift-Click G - open order from last, (which is the first available for editing) to first, (which is the last in the cascade): GABCDEF


          File > Open > Click G / Shift-Click A - open order from last to first: ABCDEFG (this is the result you want, I think)


          File > Open > Click [any] / Ctrl-Click Random Order - open order from last to first: Letter before [last-clicked] - alpha-order - [last clicked]
          Example: File > Open > Click D / Ctrl-Click F, A, B, G, E, C - open order from last to first: CDEFGAB

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            HeyMikey Level 3

            Hi Sandee!


            I'm on OS X Lion, and created the same files as John (mine were named: A.indd, B.indd...) and no matter which order I selected--whether from A.indd to G.indd or G.indd to A.indd--my files alway opened with "G" being the topmost, in descending order. This indicates to me that it is a system hierarchy, and not InDesign-dependent. I'm assuming it's opening them alphabetically, regardless of the order in which they were selected. DARN! Maybe renaming them 'in reverse' would work...





            Ah Ha! Found the answer. It is indeed a system situation, and the trick (on OS X Lion, at least) is to view your files/folders as "Date Created". This correctly brings them to open with "A" on top, then in descending order. Hope this helps!




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