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    How to Re-size Layers (and Maintain Properties)

    rsukhram@tgioa.com Level 1

      Hello all and pardon my lack of knowledge of AferEffects.  I have been currently given the task at my job to create a video for a display at a local arena.  The height of the arena display is 36px.  I purchased a template from Envato which I liked but resizing has been a problem.  I created a new composition for the proper specs and copied the layers from the template into my new composition.  I then went to size to composition height but noticed that there are layer "points" and i guess "transforms or effects"" that are not scaling with the composition height. 


      Is there an easy method to rescale the layers and all their properties to meet my composition height?



      thanks in advance and I promise I will get more up to speed on using AE but at the moment I will have to get by finishing with google searches and forum assistance.