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    Color Finesse and linear footage workflow




      I have the following scenario and did not find a proper workflow, maybe some of you have an idea:

      - I have rendered footage from a 3D animation as OpenEXR, 16bit, saved with Gamma 1.0 (linear)

      - I have set the After Effects project accordingly: 16 bit depth, sRGB working space, linearize working space ON

      - After import of the footage into a composition it looks fine, just the way I expected it

      - Putting Color Finesse effect on it and switching to its full interface

      - Result: Without changing anything the footage in the preview of Color Finesse is way darker than it was in the normal preview window of After Effects.

      - Changing the Master HSL Gamma to 2.2 brings it back to its original brightness BUT when I leave Color Finesse by hitting OK, the output is now much too bright


      So how can I use Color Finesse with linear footage? It is of course of no use, when the preview is wrong. I have not found a preset in its preferences that deals with input gamma. It could be used with the simple interface though but I really like those histograms, which are only visible in the full interface.




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          Bob Currier Level 3

          The current version of Color Finesse is not color managed, so it doesn't know about your working space.


          One (not great) workaround is to use the View:Primary Preview LUT menu to select a viewing LUT. We provide a Rec.709 LUT which will take linear to Rec.709 gamma of 2.22. This is not exactly sRGB but is "close."


          You can create your own viewing LUT by adjusting Color Finesse to get the desired gamma, then saving those setting via File:Export:Setting to Color Finesse Preview LUT, then loading that saved LUT as the Primary Preview LUT.


          Bob Currier

          Synthetic Aperture

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            Bob9743 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick answer, it seems to work to change the Preview LUT.

            Also thanks for the tip with the profile converter but it seems that the color correction is just a little different then. But that would need a little more testing.




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              Theiamania Level 1

              Hi everybody,

              if i'm right, if you work in Linear color space in AE and you set as Working space sRGB  ..., you "see" your compositing in sRGB (gamma 2.2 but you work in Linear (gamma 1.0).

              Therefore, when you turn in Color Finesse you see your linear footage darker, as for exemple a 3d render. It's correct!

              You have simply to choose  ITU.R 709 ( gamma2.2) that corrispond to sRGB Working space you use to see your composite in AE.