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    Customizing Transitions?


      Is there a way to customize a transition, let's say cross dissolve, and then save it? I'm coming from FCP and figuring out there are some things I use all the time in FCP that I can't seem to find in Premiere Pro.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No you cannot save transitions, however you can use the Opacity in the Fixed Effect any which way you like and save that as a preset.

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            btprairie Level 1

            Thanks Harm and Ann.


            I was looking for something natively within Premiere. But it is nice to know there is that plugin. I checked out the link it looks rather cool!


            The opacity trick will be the way I go.


            Thanks again.

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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5

              To quote myself from another thread:


              I keep a project with video and audio that has all of my favorite effects on them. I renamed the clips to tell me what effect they carry. Or, in the case of transitions, I use the same clip with the transition description as part of the name. The project also has my logo, some standard titles, and a variety of commonly use audio and video clips.


              I just import that project into just about every new project I create.


              I used to just copy and paste between the sequence with the effects on it (named Saved Effects0 and the sequence for my new project. It was a hassle switching back and forth, but then Ann Bens pointed out that I could just have the Save Effects sequence sit right on top of the main sequence. I have the room. I am using two 1920X1080 monitors.


              Since it is easy enough to copy a transition and apply it to a new cut, this works for me.