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    CS3 document won't print in CS5

    ChuckGreenIB Level 1

      I created an InDesign document in CS3 in Windows and opened it in CS5 on the Mac. It looks fine but when I attempt to print it, the dialog box does not appear. I can open and print other documents but this one doesn't want to cooperate. Anyone have any ideas?

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Hm, simultaneuous cross-platform and cross-version conversion. Typically these conversions are not problematic for printing but You Never Know. I habitually export INX from CS3 and open the INX in the newer version of ID - fewer composition problems that way.  Likewise, saving the newly-opened file, exporting IDML, and re-opening the IDML in CS5 is another way to handle typical cross-version file conversion balkiness.


          Can you export a PDF and print that?