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    multiline textfield

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      Using the "loadvariables" to send my vars to an ASP mailing script.
      The mailing script produces an HTML formatted email...

      In flash, my 'comments' area is a multiline textfield.

      I need to detect the carriage/new line feeds so as i can accurately
      reproduce them in the mailed email.

      I have tried on the receiving end in the ASP script:


      help would be appreciated....


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          Hi Russell,

          I don't know if this will help you, but I've noticed that if you go into Flash and copy multiline text from a dynamic text field and paste it into notepad, there is a funky linefeed character that they use. I can't paste the character here because it registers as a linefeed. Nevertheless, if you can discover the ASCII code for the character, you may be able to check for it with ASP.

          As a side-note, you can also paste the linefeed character into a text file and load it with loadVars. Or you can paste it into an XML file and assign the nodeValue to the text field. In either case, the linefeed character will appropriately go to the next line in a dynamic text field.

          Hope this helps you out!

          n a t e
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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            in flash, you can replace the carriage return/new line with any unique character and then replace that unique character in your asp script with a carriage return. for example, i like to use a double comma: