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    Making inbetweens between groups including gradient mesh objects


      Hi everyone!


      There is one thing that I miss in Illustrator and I suppose  it could be done by a script but I am not sure because I do not know nothing about scripting so I need someone good to help me find the way.


      My problem:

      I am making some animations (motion pictures) of complex artworks in Illustrator (only illustrator allows me to make complex art I would like to do – but it is at the cost of problems with animating). I figured out that by blending the groups (specified steps) I could make inbetweens (there is only need to take care of the stacking order of objects in the groups – it must be the same in both groups). In common - everything works with some negligible problems but there is limitation – it is not allowed to blend gradient mesh objects (the illustrator help teaches us). I really do not understand why. I am solving this problem by converting every gradient mesh object into symbol – but it is not the ideal solution (there are not enough possibilities to modify it).


      What I need:

      I would like to know if it could solve some kind of script. I would need somethig like blending tool – but it would be sufficient if it could make only one inbetween (because I could repeat that process between keyframe and inbetween to make another inbetween) between two groups of objects but also gradient mesh objects. It could be directly expanded (there is no need of that live-state before expanding which is in gradient tool).


      My question:

      I would like to know if it is possible to make something like that by script. And whether it is very difficult to write such script and …. yes …... whether I could ask someone good to write script like that for me.


      Thank you very much for any help or advice and sorry my english I am not native speaker but I hope you will understand what is my problem.



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          CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          something like this?



          select ONE object before running

          var idoc = app.activeDocument;
          var sel = idoc.selection[0];
          var a = prompt ("how many copies", 5, "Dup Selection");
          var x = prompt ("distance X in mm", 20, "Dup Selection");
          var y = prompt ("distance Y in mm", 5, "Dup Selection");
          var cmValx = new UnitValue (x, "mm");
          var ptValx = cmVal.as('points');
          var cmValy = new UnitValue (y, "mm");
          var ptValy = cmVal.as('points');
          for (i=0 ; i<a ; i++) {
              var sel = sel.duplicate();
              sel.translate (x, y);
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            oli.sitar Level 1

            I am sorry but I am affraid this is not exactly what I need.

            I will give example: (it is really only example)

            look at the picture below:

            A and B are something like keyframes and C is place for desired inbetween

            Picture of soldier is a group of objects - head, nose, cape and so are gradient mashes and the rest are gradients, and another basic objects.

            Keyframes A and B are the same group of objects with some little changes.

            Illustrator could make inbetween for me - when I blend the whole group (when the stacking order in the group remain the same). But it will not make a blend of gradient mesh objects - illustrator help says: "You cannot blend between mesh objects." So these objects I convert to symbol and then blend the group including basic abjects and symbols, because illustrator help says: "If you blend between two instances of the same symbol, blended steps will be instances of that symbol." It is good, but it could be even more more better, when I could blend also mesh object. This is my problem.

            Thank you very much for your interest.


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              Muppet Mark Level 5

              There is no access to these kind of operations from script… As Carlos has pointed out script can move and change item properties to create an inbetween ( tweened is it? ). While script can easily do some of the required math… it is a dummed down version of the app that we are working with…

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                oli.sitar Level 1

                Sorry - this could be about the level of my english, but I am not sure if I understand what you said ;o) What I want to say, that I never wanted to change existing blending tool by script but I suppose you did not mean I wanted to. If you want to say, that it is fundamentally impossible to make such an operation as making group of objects in the middle between two groups of objects by script, I want to ask if there is another way, or I would have to give this fight for simplification up.

                In any case - thank you for your answers.