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    Audio pointers are corrupted


      I have a Premiere Pro 5.5 installation on a 64 bit Windows 7 SP1 platform with 10GB RAM and a dual core xenon x5260 @3.33GHz.  I have a 90 minute timeline and the audio in certain sections is mis-matched with audio from other files that is completely unrelated.  About 30% of the project is this way.  Nothing has changed on my system as far as I can tell except each time I open the file I get a dialog box that asks me to convert the file to the current version of PP CS 5.5 (never got this dialog before).  I believe that conversion process is corrupting the audio pointers.  I have validated that the PP version is the same version as before (not 5.5.1 or anything higher).  I must convert the file to open it.  I have tried 3 or 4 earlier versions of the project and the same behavior exists.  This didn't use to be an issue in the earlier versions.  One other explanation may be that I exported the project for use on FCP which may have had adverse effects on how PP interprets those pointers.


      Any ideas out there on resolution to this?  It would be extremely painful to recreate all the work that is now corrupted.

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you have any good autosaves?

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            landscapecity Level 1

            Thank you for the clarifying question.  I had a lot of issues with autosave so it has been turned off due to PP intermittent crashes.  However, when I refer to versions I intended to say that I did a "save as" every few days and named the file differently.  So the earlier versions of my project file did work fine but now when I open them up I get the dialog that the project must be converted and upon conversion they are corrupted (the dialog also says that the original file will not be touched and PP creates a new file).  I have many earlier project versions and I have opened up at least 5.  They all exhibit this behavior and I know that they worked fine before (I wrote out a DVD and that didn't have these issues).  One other finer detail is that it is the mpeg files where the audio seems to have been most corrupted.  I haven't checked the wav files to validate that they are all intact.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Were those Save_As Projects also created in PrPro 5.5, or in an earlier version?


              A PrPro CS 5.5 Project should not require conversion, like one from say, CS 4 would.


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                landscapecity Level 1

                Yes, all file "save as" were in the same version of PP and the version of PP has not changed. Tthat's why it's perplexing that PP is giving this dialog for a need to convert (I never recieved this dialog before).  The file(s) are a year old so maybe it's a system date issue where it doesn't recognize the file for some odd reason.  These project file versions were last saved in May, June and July of 2011.