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    Confusion with menu-based chapter animation


      Here's what I'm trying to accomplish.

      I have a project, with 5 text-based buttons, each of which is to play a different bit of animation in the timeline.

      Let's just take the first two. I call them "easy" and "work".

      The medium-blue text buttons will appear throughout all animations. The first two will say "EASY TO USE" and "WORKPLACE FRIENDLY."

      I will have clones of them all, dark blue, which will appear when hovered over, and disappear when not.

      Hover over the first one, called easybtn, and easyhover will appear. Hover over the second, workbtn, and workhover will appear.

      Click the first one, and it will play the timeline from a label called easystart, and end on a label called easyend.

      Click the second one, and it will play from a label, immediately after easyend, called workstart, and end on a label called workend.

      That's what I want to have happen.

      I have managed the JavaScript to get the hover effect to happen. So that's done.

      Maybe I'm confusing labels with triggers. I use the trigger to stop just shy of the next label, so that the first animation won't run into the second.

      The first attempt, I didn't specify locations on the timeline to start and stop, so the first animation would play with the first click and the second with the second, even if it wasn't the corresponding buttons. Had I hooked up the fifth button and clicked that first, it would've played the first animation.

      When I put sym.play() and sym.stop() commands and filled in values with labels, all the animation stopped working (except the very beginning, where the menu fades in).

      What's happening? What JavaScript should I use where?

      I'm ready to pack my work into a .zip and share a Dropbox folder, if necessary.