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    Importing data from Excel — I do not want to be table as final result

    ChristianAaltonen Level 1

      Hi there!


      Importing XLS data was discussed a lot already. But I don't want to create table, but I need to import text to the prepared textframes across the document.


      Have a look at the IMG below. There will be about 300 such cells. Photo and textframe below. I have XLS file with all the info. And I need this info to be put to that textframes {green in the IMG}. Is the only solution to Copy > Switch to the ID-window > Paste > Delete redundant paragraphs > Switch to the Excell window? It would require a thousands mouse-clicks & keystrokes…




      The structure of my textframe looks like this {Microlight was typed manually}:



      Each paragraph has source in XLS file:





      I understand importing the Excel table when i wan to create ID table. But I have just a bunch of textfields...


      Thank you!