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    Slow screen redraw

    JWH-NIRC Level 1

      I am finding the same problem with CS6 that was present in CS5 on my computers (PC, Windows 7, 64-bit, 16 gig ram): when I have more than 40 pages of text with multiple text boxes ( for running annotations), the screen rewrite gets slower and slower. I have a document of 100 pages that takes about 2 or 3 second to input each letter!

        I have read all the suggestions about resetting preferences, changing display performance, etc. etc., but nothing helps. I even reformatted the entire file from scratch to make sure there were no errant text frames. Same s-l-o-w results. When I put the same data in a CS3 file, it ran perfectly and at top speed.

        When I contacted the Forum at the time of a trial of CS5, a problem was acknowledged and it was suggested that this will be addressed in CS6. This is truly frustrating.