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    What's the name of this edit/transition?


      Hi everyone, I'm happy to report that my copy of PP CS6 works like a champ on a MB Pro Retina with the Creative Cloud subscription.  I just finished a short notice project that resulted in 6 hours of web video in 35 videos and the software never choked, which is a marked change for me over earlier versions.  I pulled in AE comps, PSD files, and of course video files from a D7000 and everything just worked.  In this project I used Red Giant Pluraleyes 3 and it saved tons of time syncing multi-cam footage with multi-mic  Zoom H4N audio.  I hope a small success story is a breath of fresh air in a forum that's full of troubleshooting requests


      I have a question about some general technique of editing clips that's outside of my repertoire, but was a recent request.  There was an example of an clip transition that I'm not familiar with, so much so I don't even know what to call it.  I was wondering if anyone had the name of this edit and any resources that might help me learn how to perform it.  Instead of trying to explain it, let me just link to an example:




      In the link above there are two clips, take a look at the clip on the right: "Working Out" and scrub to :35 seconds and watch the next 7-8 seconds.  The transition/edit I'd like to learn is what looks like a crosscut on steroids as it quickly cuts back and forth between clips until the next clip plays.  The effect is like a stutter, but when I Google "studder edit" the result is audio edit software.


      Ideally, I'd like to learn what that edit is called, and if there are any tutorials (or plugins) that will help with that effect.  I could see using it once or twice on a project but no more, so hopefully it's straight forward to learn.


      Any ideas?  Thanks!


      - Paul