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    Flash paper -explorer 7

      Has any one noticed that you can not load flash paper files in internet Explorer 7. I loved converting word documents to load directly and it worked fine until #7. The files load if you embed them in an html file but not directly. Has anybody else noticed the problem and figured out a solution? I have hundreds of files out there that are going to no longer work when people load the new explorer.

      Thanks for your help
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          Yes, I've run into that too. If you add the web server where the Flashpaper documents reside to IE 7's "Internet Options/Security/Trusted Sites zone" setting, your Flashpaper docs should start working again. Security vs. convenience as always, I guess.
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            word-works Level 1
            So that would mean for the world to see flash paper documents you would have to ask them to change their trusted site zone settings? No one is going to be willing to do that to view my files! That makes Flash paper files useless as stand alone documents. Unless someone has another solution it looks like I go back to creating pdf's. That is too bad becaose I really liked how they looked and loaded.

            I found that flash paper does work when it is embeded in an html file but that is a pain if you are trying to just show pages to print.

            Any other solutiuons out there?
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              OgreOne Level 1
              I have the same problem. Works perfect in other browsers. But if you click the maximize button, it opens a new popup window as it should, but it gets a javascript error and doesn't load. Example: http://www.justiceforvictimsaz.com/sub/forms-brochures.html
              (expand the forms section). ANy help would be GREAT! if not, guess I'll have to do the PDF thing as well. Shame Adobe doesn't want to support a wonderful product just because it use to compete with PDFs.