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    How can I get Flash CS6 to recognize line segments shorter than 1" while in inches mode?


      I'm trying to draw something to scale and some of the objects I'm drawing are under 1" in dimsention but for some reason flash seems to cap out at 1.00 (1") and won't display lengths any shorter than that. This isn't just for lines but rectangular areas too. anything less than 1"x1", such as 0.5"x0.25", is displayed as 1.00 x 1.00 and will only change if the object is larger. Even selecting a line and manually entering a length shoter than 1" will default back down to 1". How do I fix this? I have Flash 8 also installed and it does not have this problem.


      Another problem, unrelated, is that the dimension of an object only display a max of 2 significant digits past the decimal. So an item may read as being 3.00 but might really be 3.0025. Same goes for coordinates where an object might read as being at 3.00 x 10.00 but will really be at 3.0045 x 10.005 (for example).


      My version is and I'm currently downloading the latest update but something tells me this won't fix the problem.