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    Digital Signature and Miscellenious changes


      Hi All,


      I am having the problem related to digital signature in adobe 9 when i sign the form it shows the digital signature is valid , But after opening the saved file it shows the digital signature error and showing in signature pannel as : The revesion of the document that was covered by this  signature  has not been altered;howver , there have been subsquent changes. Signed  and all signatures are valid , but with unsigned changes after  the last  signature.



      Please help me out as this is very big issue form me because we cant accept any form ig signature has problem and we are facing this probem from many days since we upgrade the adobe 8 to 9.





      md Afsar

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          JP Hackworth Level 1

          How are you validating the signature?  This appears similar to behavior I've recently noted in Acrobat X and XI.


          There seem to be two common methods available for validation:

          1. Opening the signatures tab and clicking "Validate All".

          2. Clicking the signature box to open the "Signature Validation Status" window.


          If you use the first option, you should not get the "subsequent changes" warning.  Using the second option appears to cause a property of the signature field to change, resulting in the error.


          Edit: This may be due to javascript in the form you are using, and not an inherent property of the signature field.  Creating a new form with a signature field does not seem to result in this behavior.

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            mdafsar Level 1



            Thanks for your reply.


            Could you please suggest the possible solution as still the miscellenious changes is showing in the form.





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              JP Hackworth Level 1

              Hi Afsar,


              With the signature panel open, you may also try the "Compare signed version to current version" function.  (Click the gears icon to the left of "Validate All" and select that from the menu.)  If you're lucky, that may show what has changed.  If you're unlucky the summary will say "pages are identical".


              Otherwise, if using only the "validate all" method from my first post didn't work, diagnosis is more difficult.  In case changes may have been saved into the form you are experimenting with, I suggest testing with a new form that you have saved immediately after signing and before any attempts to validate.


              Note: I am assuming the following:

              1. Your workflow does not involve making any corrections/alterations to the document after signing,

              2. The form you are using is the same as with Acrobat 8,

              3. The signatures validated in Acrobat 8 without the issue you have now.