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    [ID] Exporting TextFrame to JPG with overset content crops area

    Rafael Steil



      In InDesign (CS5) I have a TextFrame what I need to export to JPG, but when the text is overset (property overflows is true), the exported JPG only has the visible area of the textframe, instead of the whole content. How to solve this problem?


      Here's an example code that reproduces this behaviour:


      var app:com.adobe.indesign.Application = InDesign.app;
      var page:Page = app.activeDocument.pages.firstItem();
      var tf:TextFrame = page.textFrames.add();
      tf.geometricBounds = [50, 50, 100, 200];
      tf.contents = "line1 \n line2 \n line3 \n line4 \n line5 \n line6";
      tf.exportFile(ExportFormat.jpg, new File("/tmp/tf.jpg"));


      After running the code, the file "tf.jpg" will only contain the first 3 lines, like the image below.