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    Running Header inserts page number - how to remove?

    Buzz81 Level 1

      I am having a weird issue with Running Headers, which normally work very well.   I created a running header for a master page to capture my "Head 1" paragraph styles.  In the master page, the running header code is right-aligned in a text box.   I expected the pages to show the Head 1 text right-aligned at the text box location.  Instead, on the pages in the body of the document, the Head 1 text is left-aligned in the text box and the page number is right-aligned on the other side of the text box.  Under Text Variables-Define-Running Header-Edit Text Variable, the Type is set for Running Header (Paragraph Style), Style is set for Head 1 (Brochure Styel), and Use is First on Page.   Nothing is set for Text Before or Text After, or for the Options (Delete End Punctation or Change Case).


      How can I remove the page number and get the text to right-align where it belongs?


      I am using Indesign ver. 5.5 on Windows 8 x64

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Since running headers never automatically add page numbers, it must be something on your master pages; there must be a frame containing both your running header placeholder (aligned left) and a page number code (aligned right).


          You also cannot add a "Current Page Number" code to the "Text Before" or "Text After" fields, although on reflection it would have been an interesting option.

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            Buzz81 Level 1

            Actually, no.  There was no separate frame there - just a single frame that added a page number.   I finessed the issue by changing all of my "Head 1" headings to "Heading 1" and then changing the running header to link to Heading 1.  The page numbers disappeared.   Now my bookmark entries are whack - my second Heading 1 entry shows as a subsect of the first Heading 1 entry - but I'm on a deadline and will worry about that later.