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    Can BC be used to create a customised non-ecommerce catalogue?

    Kulsha DWD Level 1

      Hi, I'm checking out BC at the moment and wondering if this would suit a project I have. I need to create a database driven website of a plant database. Each plant will have quite a few fields (eg genus, species, photosgraphs, habitat, life form, - there are many fields) and I'll also need to set up quite a few categories (flowers, grasses, trees, exotics, herbs etc). It needs to be easy for my client to update and ideally I would need to import the data from a CSV file as there are hundreds of plants and flowers. Is this something BC could handle easily or is it stretching it a bit ... ? Would trying to create this be cumbersome by doing this online as I'm used to setting up a system on my local WAMP server first. I noticed an ecommerce module with a catalogue component but I don't think this will be enough. I need to be able to lay out templates such as 'category listing for top level categories' 'category listing' 'plant detail' - and I would need to be able to customise each template so the data sits where I want it (I'm good with html and css). I am also after a really good search tool so visitors can filter their search by some of my categories.  I hope this would work, but would appreciate a realistic answer because if its not suitable I may keep BC in mind for simpler projects. Thanks in advance.